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New Theme!!!

Posted by magicmonkeyman on August 14, 2011

Spent an hour working on the theme of this blog and i finally got something nice and quite unique. I reckon this scheme is way better than my original red “thing”. You may ask me “why i did this instead of off writing up the Review?” that i have almost finished but i got bored =D
Relating to my next kit that i was planning to start the. . . MG ReZel Commander Type im kinda selling it as i lost my interest in it and. . .
HAVE ORDER MORE KITS DESPITE HAVING ALOT ALREADY!!! =D which should be coming early next month im guessing.
Pretty hyped up for it right now soo look forward to that and alot of other things that i have said. . .


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~ ましろ色シンフォニー *mutsu-no-hana ~

Posted by magicmonkeyman on August 8, 2011

This for me has to be one of the best post for this year : D

I think i mentioned about me loving the artist Izumi Tsubasu and the work she does. This game Mashiro Iro Symphony is properly my favorite Visual Novel as the characters are too cute out of the world XD. The original version on pc is the first time i tried playing a visual novel  and complete one characters route which leaves me a fond memory about this game as i usually just give up as the prologue of these type of games as it takes forever. . . When i heard that there is a PSP version i had to get it.

I actually received this during the middle of last month but i was too busy enjoying my holiday so i just left it til now. I got it from my favourite retailer Ami Ami which i’ll say properly has the best service and best prices i swear on figures and gunpla kits. Usually a 25% off for most gunpla kits and shipping is decent price and well packed. I ordered the limited edition which came in the PC game version like box size. I thought it would of been the size of the typical PS3 game size but its much bigger than that and within the pretty box is the psp game it self. I forgot mention how much this costed me. . . Read the rest of this entry »

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My Airbrush Set

Posted by magicmonkeyman on July 18, 2011

Haven’t posted awhile because i was enjoying my holiday to much =D Finally took some time to post about something and that is my airbrush set that i got a while ago and haven’t even tried  it yet.
Everything in its respective boxes and i got my compressor at a very good price. it was like 20% off and on top of that free shipping which makes up 20% of the original price soo. . . not bad in my opinion. Both of these were bought from same place i think they are just some generic copies of some better brands but it feels pretty good when you test it.
Air Compressor Out Of Box
The compressor out of its box. Comes with a typical manual and a hose to connect the compressor. Note if your in the market for a new air compressor get one with a water trap as it vital in using an airbrush. That clear thing sticking out is the water trap.
One final pic from a different angle.

Well here’s a short video i made just quickly showing how it works and i think it should be fairly straight forward. I might make the tutorial on airbrushes once i using it  as i need to use with that secret package i got that i yet to reveal and talk about.
Also, for some reason is it me or what? has it been harder to make posts or just that i’m getting very lazy =P
Whos knows i try best anyways.

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MG FA Gundam Done. . .

Posted by magicmonkeyman on July 3, 2011

I was meant to post this a few this a few days ago but i was busy having fun 😀 and now. . .  I present the Full Armor Gundam !!!! I’m just uploading the first picture that i took just a few minutes ago. Well i did nothing much to this kit as i got pretty lazy after working on the final armor bits and i hate using the decal that were included. . . forgive me if your a perfectionist but some of the decals are crooked and i don’t really care =D Gives it some sort of rushed feel which properly was the case in the One Year war if anyone knows the story.
I also want to mention that the gun metal bits are awful. . . the nub marks were awfully hard to get rid of and i suggest getting those Gundam markers to get rid of them if you want to cover them well which i do not currently have. Well that’s for all today have fun.

P.S I received a package a few days ago that i really want to share with everyone 😀 soo look forward to that!

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Posted by magicmonkeyman on June 26, 2011

THATS RIGHT MY HAREM FOR GUNDAM SHALL NEVER DIE!!! I bet alot of you guys who comes across this site regularly  thought i gave up on blogging but the answer is no! Truth is UNI is really hell and sapped away a lot time from me. . . worrying about if you are going to pass or not and a difficult challenge but thankfully. . . Its all over now and i have a one and a half month holidays!!! (Yay to me!) or ish. . .
I actually worked partially on a kit during this time in secret and its almost complete but i will share a photo with you guys first ;D

Like this Gundam my gunpla mood is finally coming back!! I’m fired up and ready to do something!!!! And now i going to b****h about what has happened to me in the past month and a half. . . Read the rest of this entry »

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Random Update Cause nothing is happening

Posted by magicmonkeyman on May 16, 2011

I hate it when i forget the fact i have a blog. I haven’t been doing anything much gunpla related as my currently display shelf is full and keep forgetting to buy a detolf glass shelf from ikea. . . . life wise well i been doing a few things and university wise the exams are further than i expected i am not doing any exams til the middle of June so i thought it be nice to post a update since the last post which i think was 3 weeks ago ;F
To start, i put an deposit on a new guitar. . . and spent 1k over budget of what originally i wanted to spend for a new guitar. Above is my current guitar, A Sx stratocaster, My friends hated how my guitar sound when we jam together but it is an 180usd guitar. . . what do Read the rest of this entry »

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MG 00 Raiser Boxart + Updates!!!

Posted by magicmonkeyman on April 27, 2011

I thought i share this with some people and update what is happening with me. The MG 00 raiser is looking sweet as and its soo on my to buy list for this year :D.  I am currently working on the a MG review finally!!!! i won’t tell you what i am working hopefully it will be a surprise. I am going to be “mega” busy with my assessments + final examinations for this semester the coming month so i probably be building anything soon but instead i catch up with reviews and more pics of kits that i done with also planning to do a new category in this blog about eating out in Sydney as i go out and eat around Sydney a lot.  Soo. . . in-conclusion expect something new on this site!!!!

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Backlog. . .

Posted by magicmonkeyman on April 13, 2011

I bet that most of you suddenly just get a huge pile of Gunpla sitting there collecting dust and when you look at it your like “whoa, when did i get soo much kits?” I don’t like having a lot of kits sitting not built as it very space consuming at most i would only like to keep 3 unbuilt kits but that is not the case here unfortunately. Read the rest of this entry »

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Busy Busy Busy. . .

Posted by magicmonkeyman on April 11, 2011

Damn is the first word i want to say. So much work in Uni =/ . . .  not that i was expecting to be a small amount of work but i had a suddens ruge of assessments an test build and alot of unfortunate events happened to me and just 2 weeks before i was the most relaxed University student in the world and all the sudden a pile of work stacks up but lucky that all over and now i finally can resume to blogging!!!! I haven’t started on any new kits yet but i don’t think i will be buying any more kits until i am down to 2 kits. . . cause i apparently have 7 Mg kits New In box sitting on my shelf. . . I received 2 new kits during the time i was busy and you will be surprised what i got. I also finished my Qan[T] and i hopefully should start some reviews or something or this blog is really going to die out soon not that i will allow it. Anyhow. . . im gald to be back on and blogging now ;D
Expect updates!

Note: Pic of my Uni

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Updates to tutorial!

Posted by magicmonkeyman on March 26, 2011

Yay! I finally updated the tutorial once again while working on my  Qan[T]! Hopes this helps ;D Its almost done and i will have pictures up as soon as i am done with it

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